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Some can be quite seedy places, sometimes staffed by more mature Korean ladies. Some offer oral services much the same way as the pink salons of Japan. Some salons will offer full sex. The services here can be a bit hit and miss with some punters reporting that they found themselves getting started by a young lady only to open their eyes and find an old man in her place.

Instead, you can French kiss, cuddle with some touching allowed; basically, you are paying for companionship.

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It is a given that most men will masturbate themselves and there are signs in Korean and English asking you to clean up after yourself. Try the Busan K Room website for more details. The girls are mostly local ladies and usually sleep with dozens of men each night and are often in a hurry to finish. Some are not foreigner friendly but it is usually the mama sans on the streets who tout for trade so you should be approached before you even get to the venue.

A variation of the massage barbershops, pink salons offer a perfunctory stress relief where you take a seat in a private booth sometimes just a curtain in a room. A topless women will give your privates a sponge down before giving you a blowjob. Most will let you touch their breasts though some establishments are not foreigner friendly. Essentially, they are jerk off bars with no full service. Basic daedal rooms offer handjob only whilst some others will skilfully simulate penetration by riding you cowgirl style but using their hands. Others offer oral as well as massage and extras such as inserting a finger in the anus.

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Cheaper than full sex, many expats prefer this kind of service to penetration and it offers less risk of infection. There are less and less of these kind of one-woman brothels advertised online but you can sometimes find them via classified sites; you may even be offered to be taken to one by a taxi-driver. Set up like a studio apartment, there are usually several women in the same block all with the same pimp running the show. The service is mainly GFE and is less rushed than via the window shops or salons as the girls do well out of repeat business.

Most love motels in South Korea will offer a delivery service.

Whilst you can book the room by the hour for your own purposes escort or pick-up , they often have girls they can call or, at very least, they can give you a business cards of some girls. Also known as noraebangs or karaoke bars, these venues offer you a choice of girls to join you and your friends for an evening of entertainment. The karaoke rooms themselves are very popular in Asia and you simply spend a few hours drinking and singing before heading to a love hotel for sex 2 Cha.

Venues vary in terms of their service with some offering agency girls and others having their own stable of women on site. Just be aware that not all KTVs offer an adult service with many being set up for more R rated activities. Not all KTVs offer 2 Cha sex but many do. Image via Flickr. A kind of KTV, room salons are specifically entertainment venues with sex available on site rather than having to head off to a hotel after. Some offer full sex whilst others only provide oral or manual relief.

The luxury salons are called TenPros which claim to have the best looking women working in the industry. Ostensibly brothels, the room salons are generally clean and have good facilities. Full salons are more wholesale versions of the room salons. Usually attached to a motel, they offer a noraebang experience with some drinking, singing and touching for an hour and then you head upstairs to a room for 30 minutes of sex. Foreigners are generally more welcome at these venues and they are cheaper than a KTV or room salon. Unfortunately the services are often rushed as the girls are keen to turn over as many clients a night as possible.

There are plenty of parlours around Busan that provide happy endings though not all will provide services to foreigners.

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As with all establishments in Korea, it is pretty obvious when you enter one of these parlours if your business is wanted or not. Some are known as sex salons with spa services whilst others are more like actual barbers who employ women to provide massage services. Twin spinning barber poles indicate an erotic massage parlour. Be aware that some of the seedier venues may be cheaper but can sometimes be disappointing in terms of service. There are plenty of stories of men who ask for a handjob on the massage table who have a towel placed over their eyes only to find that they are being jerked off by an old man.

There are no strip clubs in Busan that can be easily found by foreigners. Some venues do have strip action but they are kept very hush hush and are frequented by small groups of locals only. You don't want to end up sterile because you had asymptomatic chlamydia. Get new posts sent to you. If you change your mind later, unfollow with one click. You're a member of this community!

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Or leave a reply below. You don't need prostitutes in Korea. Women in Korea are so desperate, that you can easily pick up at coffee shops, departmental stores, office colleagues. The best place to pick korean girls is at a church, especially if you are a foreigner. These women are not seeking permanent relationships, just filling in their needs. Yes agree with the report above, went with hooker in Busan and it was a complete waste of time and money.

I at least wanted to see what the scene was all about and have the experience, I live Pattaya Thailand so have a standard to gauge the experience by. The girl was cold and business like, 20 minutes for , couldn't even get a bar as I was so disappointed and a belly full of beer from dinner.


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Don't waste your time or money unless you want the experience. Do yourself a favor and hold off, buy a ticket to Pattaya and stay at Soi 6 off beach road.

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I never bothered with prostitutes because I wasn't willing to pay. Perhaps it was my clean appearance, friendly demeanor or like most foreign women just wanted to experience sleeping with a black man. I believe a major contributing factor was the fact that I mostly traveled alone which made me approachable and I wasn't loud and obnoxious unlike most Americans.

I'm not against Filipinas.

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However Filipina prostitutes are a very, very unattractive group. Why dont you open your eyes look around at the orphans in korea and donate some money to a charity that helps these women. Take one out to dinner as your john friends to donate some money to an orphans in Korea cause. Disgusting people with no social skills to date women you need to go on a course to respect women and understand economic situation. Some americans should take you into a back alley and the beat the shit out of you.

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Because Korean orphans are ugly and underage. You are the disgusting one, I would never even consider the thought of having sex with an orphan, let alone a Korean one. You should be ashamed of yourself. I just meant to say most of those girls were orphans who were never adopted by families. Since Korea does not have any social network for abandoned children the girls that grow up. Were institutionalised then turned out to fend for themselves without having a clan name or being registered there are limited opportunities for them.