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They even were monitoring my mobile line and I used to hear buzzing while talking; all of this to catch a new victim as if they were thinking that I was knowing other gays. Some relatives discovered I am gay because of this big problem so my parents feel embarrassed and not sure what to say.

This sad and harrowing story is one of many that have come out of Egypt in recent years.

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For another account of police corruption and brutality toward captured gays read the report from Human Rights Watch posted at: Egypt News. A summer message from Ari said his life has continued to settle down and he is now busy with school exams. I enjoy also lean guys. I think always I am more mature than my age and need someone older in result.

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In early he sent the following more upbeat note: The gay and lesbian life is again active in Cairo and Alexandria but with differences. My boyfriend works in Cairo and some of his colleagues are gay and lesbian too—about a dozen. You do find queens invited with full make-up on their faces and this implies what is happening.

An arrested person or couple is taken to the police station and are beaten a bit and stay there overnight or for 3 days then released but no charges are issued.

There have been no recent cases of entrapment, although gay issues and gay dating web sites are being surveiled by police to keep a check on this society and to solve other related cases, e. They meet in many occasions. I went once with three friends celebrating a feast and went to a mall. Suddenly we turned to a cafe to greet some friends and there were over 25 guys sitting together in a circle and occupying a quarter of the Cafe.

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They are always curious to know who is the new face. However, we gays are benefiting of this relative freeness because it is in a low key, even when we are sitting in a cafe and discussing issues we are loud and the people around hear us and mostly never bother us. Each one is in his own world. One of them has a father who deprived him from his inheritance and he is the cousin of the libro main actor. In another film the scene starts with an old man having a phone call with his boyfriend who apologizes for not coming. This depresses the old man who prepared an exquisite banquet for them both.

Then the meter man the libro actor rings the doorbell to check the readings.

The old man tries to seduce him but very politely and with dignity. The meter man leaves in peace. She tolerates that but still does not accept him totally. The rest of my family are still negative and feel insulted. I still live with my mother and sister. But, I think even if I stayed here next year, I will live alone or with my boyfriend if things are going fine. I am hoping for a long term study visa abroad which includes some work that helps me keep my identity which I am proud of and be independent. Being away will also save a big burden from my parents by ending the everyday quarrels and sorrow they suffer—and allow me to live as a gay man away from Egypt, and be in peace.

Constantine P. High wood-lined walls rose up to the carved ceilings that dangled crystal chandeliers. Tall windows invited channels of sunlight through sheer curtains onto the red carnations on each table. Sitting at one of these tables was a solitary man in his sixties absorbed in his own thoughts. I thought about the pieces of his life as a Greek-born Alexandria-based poet, government clerk, traveler, classicist and gay aesthete.

He was in love with human beauty, gods and heroes, ancient and modern who peopled his poems like lovers. In , at the age of sixty, his thrill of sentient splendor had not diminished. He wrote: Aesthetic delight and erotic energy of puer eternis—eternal youth—re-awakened his muses daily. Hakim My private reverie with Cavafy finished when the man left.

He passed t wo other men sitting at a table speaking American English. I found an excuse to open conversation with them and found they were a couple from New York State. Over some very black Egyptian coffee Hakim related that he knew he was gay at twelve when he was in anguished muted love with his school teacher. But of course that never happened but I imagined it. He had a crush on one classmate but this was their final year after which Hakim went off to the American University in Cairo and he never saw the boy after that. In college Hakim found an occasional willing classmate or local for a furtive sex.

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But Hakim was looking for more: I thought maybe there was something wrong with me that I wanted such feelings from others. My years at college were very frustrating. There was sex once in a while but no passion. Hakim graduated with a degree in chemical engineering.

He chose it partly because it was an unusual and desirable specialty that allowed him to make application for further study abroad in Europe or America. I tell my family here my work here is very important. We go back and visit them almost every year and I think by now they realize Glen is not my roommate. They will never ask and I will never tell. But my mother makes up one bedroom for us now that my father has died.

This unusually fortunate gay Egyptian lives the life he once vaguely dreamed about as a mystified youth in love with other boys.

advice for gays travelling to hurghada - Hurghada Forum - TripAdvisor

Along the Nile: Felucca Boys Egypt is a complex culture, not unlike other cultures, in that there is contradiction, paradox and conflicting forces at work that influence behavior and habits. Media headlines may describe homosexuality as highly suspect and under attack in Egypt but w alking the streets of small villages or along a Nile River promenade reveals a different story.

One cool morning before the heat arose I left my Aswan hotel and headed for the river where the famous Felucca sailing boats are crowded along the embankment in between huge five-story passenger ships.

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I wanted to get to the west bank to visit the ruins of the ancient St Simeon monastery just near the mausoleum of the Aga Khan family. To cross the river in a Felucca is not a straight shot pun intended , like the motor ferry, because the wind varies; rather, the boat tacks back and forth eventually reaching its destination. Is very good. You like? He now knew that I knew what he was talking about; that I was not put off and that I was at least playful if not curious.

He pressed himself against me and put his head on my shoulder with one hand behind me stroking my back pocket. What do you do in there? You like fuckee. He was certainly primed for action. And he was not the only ready one. His fellow pilot was also available. I laughed at the absurdity of the moment. I doubt Ziggy or Sitchy had a clue about the serious events in the Cairo courts. Nor should they. Who was going to bust a couple of kids on a boat in the middle of the Nile putting the make on a tourist. I doubt they cared what my sexual leaning was. For a few fleeting moments I was vainly flattered that age had no effect in the matter.

I was of course always aware this was a sales pitch. Ziggy was actually quite smooth and confident and unabashed in using his sexual prowess as a commodity. Was he gay? I doubt it. But neither could he be called completely straight. He was another of the countless impoverished guys around the world who are gay for pay.